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Luckily enough, all of my relationships have failed so quickly they’ve never come to divorce. So I really don’t know anything about it. But honestly, this seems pretty whack.

divorce petition

The “good” news? He’s on his second lawyer now. And somewhere in between all the property, claims, and collateral damage are two broken hearts.

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There’s that heart-fluttering moment when you look at your sweetheart and think, “what a man.”

pay off some of my debts

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. . .Don’t hold your breath.

What’s better than being taken out to dinner by your honey?

Don't order a drink

I’m all about being as frugal as possible, but if you’re taking someone out? Bitch can get a drank! If you’re that broke, take her on a long romantic walk.

Also, be kind to your waiters. Please don’t shout, “waiter!” Although in the context of this comic it is pretty perfect.

What’s a little fraud between sweethearts?

Did you use my credit card?

Nope. It’s not totally fine. There is nothing fine about this.

Ladies and gentlemen, the price of love:


You know we’ve all thought it, at one point or another.

Ever get awkward charitable help–that you didn’t quite want–from a significant other?

Take this money

I don’t think I’m going out on a limb here by suggesting this guy was joking about the hooker… But really? Is that supposed to be cute? Funny? Cute and funny? Because I got a little nauseous.

Or maybe he wasn’t joking.

Mixing money and man-love is probably not a good idea to begin with. But when poor decisions get rubbed in your face…

I made $600 in one day!

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Clueless or classless? You decide.

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