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It’s great when you feel secure in the knowledge that your partner loves you just the way you are.

You should go lower than that

Or that. While you’re at it, if you could lose the weight, bleach your hair, grow some tits, and fix your teeth…. yeah, that would be okay.

Happy Friday! This weekend’s challenge is to not be an asshole. Good luck! I see I have already failed.

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We’ve talked on this website before about what happens when you put on a “happy couple weight“. But add in the factor that your significant other may be a serial killer?

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They say people at risk for suicide are more likely to go through with it if they have a clear plan.

Guessing the same holds true for killing other people, as well. The joke’s on him, though! Looks like even with a plan it won’t be easy–after all, he would have to use both hands.

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I don’t even know if this can qualify as a backhanded compliment, as I have yet to see where the “compliment” part is. I guess she’s tall?

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Ugh. How many shades of this man are we going to see on this website? Men, can you get it through your heads that alluding to someone being too fat is just not okay? Yes, even if you are a doctor. Save it for the clinic. You leave me to imagine that you think I’m pretty, and I’ll leave you to imagine it’s okay to have two chocolate croissants for breakfast. And we’ll both die of the American Condition early, but happy.

Or, you know, keep picking on your loved one’s nose and thighs and feet and upper arms. What do I know? I’m just a voice on the internet.

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Shopping with your significant other can be dangerous territory.

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“When” I look good? When I look good I’m going to try on a different style of boyfriend. Oh wait. I already do.

You know, sometimes it’s okay to just agree and say “yeah, that would be cool.”

action movie

This was one of those times.


I really like bigger girls

This might be the worst compliment ever. Not because there is anything wrong with size 4 or any other size out there, but because he’s using the compliment to make himself sound like a better person by hinting that he might be the best she can get.

She might as well have said, “I really love your face. A lot of women don’t like it, but I enjoy being with someone who’s less attractive than me.”

You shrunk my sweater

And if you take a step closer, I will strangle you with a very tiny sweater.

If you look at sitcom fodder, nabbing a doctor is supposed to be like winning the lottery. A doctor? Break me off a piece! I want one! Let’s make him a pediatrician, so I’ll live in a fab house and my kids will be the healthiest kids in the world… Well, ladies and gentlemen, doctors can have some ambitions of their own.



Oh wait. Not worth it. Back to dating unemployed aspiring….whatevers… in three, two, one.

When date night goes south…

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And you were a lot more handsome with your mouth shut.

June is busting out all over! And so, perhaps, is she:



Remember folks, fat girls are funny. And thin ladies, try not to steal their thunder! ….And no, that’s not a “fat pun” I just made.

Right…… Let’s just focus on the important issue here: that guy was clueless.

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