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Sometimes your next love interest can feel inadequate when it comes to the people you’ve dated before. Sometimes, that sense of inadequacy leaks out in a defensive jumble.

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Are you though? Are you different? You ended up on this website, so clearly something went wrong. Maybe she needed to realize you were totally insecure.

And she didn’t even get a car. How sad. What good is a relationship without a getaway vehicle?

Trying to get out of the friend zone? Think again.

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Yeah, I know we’ve shared our deepest darkest secrets, hopes, and fears over Starbucks. And I know that you’d make the most considerate, respectful boyfriend, ever. But gingers need not apply.

Eventually, you reach that point in a crumbling relationship where even routine physical intimacy becomes too much of a chore.

aren't you frustrated?

Oh wow! Brilliant! Why didn’t I think of that? Honey, you’re a genius. Way to skirt the issue.

Surprise! You’re the “other woman”.

never said my divorce was final

Listen. When I took you out to dinner and brought you home, I thought you were doing that with the knowledge that my soon-to-be-ex-wife will be stopping by in the morning to pick up more of her stuff. Oh, and please disregard her panties hanging up to dry in the bathroom. You didn’t know I still had a wife? Well. That’s your fault. You should have checked my facebook  relationship status.


I really like bigger girls

This might be the worst compliment ever. Not because there is anything wrong with size 4 or any other size out there, but because he’s using the compliment to make himself sound like a better person by hinting that he might be the best she can get.

She might as well have said, “I really love your face. A lot of women don’t like it, but I enjoy being with someone who’s less attractive than me.”

I think this might be the most awkward agreement to dissolve an engagement, ever.

asking for the engagement ring back

What came next? Awkward silence? That moment when you say, “Wait a minute. . . did we just. . . break up?” (Beat.) “I think so.” ? Or were they just like, “Aight, bye.” ?

The world may never know.

Ever find out that your boyfriend thinks you’re kind of busted looking?

don't get your teeth

Not our kids. Your kids. Because I wouldn’t touch that with anything but a ten foot pole. Or my penis.

…Let’s hope his kids don’t inherit his tact.

Love comes with patience and understanding. . .

Ride the rollercoaster

. . . Except when the man you’re dating thinks he’s twelve. You owe her one oversized stuffed animal from the water gun game, buddy!

If there is one thing exes aren’t good for, it’s swag.

famous photographer

Wait a minute, the next guy you date is supposed to be less of a tool. This is backwards.

Okay. Let’s get one thing straight. She looks good.

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Don’t criticize my hair. That’s my mother’s job.

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