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Hey there, reader. It’s Heather here, the creator of ThingsMyExSaid. Some of you have maybe  noticed some serious cartoon silence on my end here over the past few months. It wasn’t you, it was me. And I’m still taking some time. But I wanted to reach out and let you guys know some of the cool developments that are going on behind the scenes here at TMXS.

First of all- it speaks so much about you guys and the content  readers like you  have provided for this website, that despite my complete and utter lack of posting or publicizing, we’re still getting several hundred visitors a month! And the quotes keep coming! If you’ve submitted a quote in the last several months, just know it didn’t go unnoticed and it’s safely incubating in our giant quote database, faring much better than all the houseplants I’ve neglected over the years.

The main reason the website has been so quiet is we’ve been planning our official launch celebration   in New York City- more details to come on that later. Just expect some fun and wacky shenanigans coming up around the New Year.

In the meantime, because I am that needy,  I have a request: What are these two men are conversing about  in this 1950s romance comic? I invite you to post in the comments section below.

What are these men talking about? You decide!

What are these men talking about? You decide!


Wow!!! Today we celebrate 1500 subscribers! That’s amazing, you all. I’m so happy that this little site I started almost a year and a half ago has reached so many people. It’s been great fun to share everyone’s stories on the site, so far. I’m looking forward to the next phase of Things My Ex Said! Let’s keep the dialogue going! 😀

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You’re studying! Or working. Or otherwise busy. So really, it’s your fault that I’m flirting with other women.

Also… MySpace? Seriously? This must be a dated quote, or this guy’s flirting skills are back in 2005.

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And we’re back to our regular posts this week! Thanks to all who have been showing the love for the TMXS Cabaret!

Ah, the extra complication that comes from still living with your ex.

living with the ex

Might be worth breaking that lease, just saying.

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It’s good for people to understand their priorities in relationships.

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This has got to be one of the hands down worst ways of explaining to someone that she isn’t pretty enough to be your girlfriend. Also, this whole list thing is just pretty cringe-y in general. Might as well call this “10 Things I Wish I Loved About You.”

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One thing I’m a big fan of in relationships is consistency.

tightest lay

Is the lesson here: how quickly one can forget the good times? Or how easy it is to lie when you’re trying to get laid?

Hope you’ve all got your tickets, because tonight’s final performance of Things My Ex Said: the Cabaret is sold out! Can’t wait to play to another packed house in Glasgow tonight! It’s been such a blast, and cannot wait to share some highlights with you folks online, very soon!

Things My Ex Said: The Cabaret opens tonight in Glasgow at Sloan’s! Come see your favorite quotes brought to life and hear some badass 90’s tunes! And you get to meet me in person, which is kinda fun.

I can’t believe we hit 1400 followers just in time for the show! What a great opening day surprise. Thanks, everybody! It makes me so happy you enjoy the site. I enjoy it, too. 🙂

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Tickets are available through the RCS Box Office. See you there!

I’m certainly not an advocate for those couples who are glued to their phones and have to send a constant barrage of updates throughout the day: “Snacktime selfie! Miss u!” And I certainly don’t understand the people who actually talk on the phone like it’s the ’90s, when there isn’t an immediate purpose that renders text messaging too unreliable. But when you’re part of an established “us” or “we”, it can be tricky when your communication styles don’t match.

Good morning text

First of all. Who wants the good morning text, really? Morning is when you’re rushing around, probably late (I know I am right now), can’t find your keys, and now you’re going to choose that time to remind her how cute and punctual you are? I mean, okay. If she’s like me, the good morning text will make her all smiley and happy and she’ll take what she can get, pausing to think of what a considerate guy you are, standing there texting her in your boxer shorts…. and great. Now she’s really late.

But to fire off a “good morning” text daily as though it’s as much of a chore as brushing your teeth? That just took all the romance out of my reheated yesterday’s coffee. Either she is extraordinarily insecure and can’t go 6 hours without hearing from you before she breaks down, or you are a robot.

Effective communication is a lot like effective love making– it’s not just as simple as checking the oil, boys!

Rehearsals are in full swing for TMXS: the Cabaret, which performs in Glasgow on May 12th and 16th. Stay tuned for more updates! Got a stupid ex? Want to see his or her quote up here in anonymous infamy? Submit your quote to ThingsMyExSaid!

There’s nothing like running into an old flame.

(click to enlarge)

(click to enlarge)

Nope! Nothing to prove here, at all! You’re totally comfortable in your skin and clearly sooooo over me.

Today I’m so happy to introduce our first guest artist, Orlando Segarra! Orlando’s work came across my eye several months ago, with his own series of comic strips. Like a more cynical Far Side for the hipster generation, I knew Segarra’s work would be a great fit for Things My Ex Said. Stay tuned for more of his work–and guest comics by others–popping up in the future!

Thanks for giving TMXS a little spice on this otherwise dreary Monday morning!

Today I’d like to ask this question: what is a modern relationship? It’s pretty clear what it meant to this guy:



But is there really something worth being called a “modern relationship”? Are relationships so different today that they deserve this title? Or are we only having the same relationships we’ve always had, in a modern setting?

 I’d like to think a truly “modern relationship” is ideally post-feminist one, where lovers are partners in a truer sense of the word than ever before. But you can’t read the news or watch TV without knowing that post-feminism isn’t remotely close to where we’ve arrived, as a people. But it makes me sad to think, that to some people, the idea of modernity and fidelity are not only set apart from each other, but possibly even opposites. Or is it possible, in this day of statuses and tweeting and “liking” as a button rather than a feeling, that the offender above meant a modern relationship was one that lacked any interpersonal investment at all?

But really, all of this begs the question to me: if that is a modern relationship, what the hell is  post-modern relationship? Cave-man-esque scenes are brought to mind. Or is that love with robots?

Working in the City

But when your apartment was 15 minutes from his office, things were great!

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