Yep . . .That IS what he said.

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There’s that heart-fluttering moment when you look at your sweetheart and think, “what a man.”

pay off some of my debts

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. . .Don’t hold your breath.

What’s better than being taken out to dinner by your honey?

Don't order a drink

I’m all about being as frugal as possible, but if you’re taking someone out? Bitch can get a drank! If you’re that broke, take her on a long romantic walk.

Also, be kind to your waiters. Please don’t shout, “waiter!” Although in the context of this comic it is pretty perfect.

What’s a little fraud between sweethearts?

Did you use my credit card?

Nope. It’s not totally fine. There is nothing fine about this.

Ever get awkward charitable help–that you didn’t quite want–from a significant other?

Take this money

I don’t think I’m going out on a limb here by suggesting this guy was joking about the hooker… But really? Is that supposed to be cute? Funny? Cute and funny? Because I got a little nauseous.

Or maybe he wasn’t joking.

Mixing money and man-love is probably not a good idea to begin with. But when poor decisions get rubbed in your face…

I made $600 in one day!

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Clueless or classless? You decide.

Let’s face it: Long distance is hard. But don’t you love it when you and your significant other take that first step toward planning your life together?

A Terrible Idea


Ah yes. The obvious conclusion!

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