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I get an awful lot of quotes about people who have cheated on each other. But this guy has entwined his infidelity with a “blame-the-victim” mentality in a way I’ve never seen before.

I cheated on you

Yep. That’ll show her.

Worst version of “it’s not you, it’s me,” ever.

I need therapyYou’re not only so great, that I need to get as far away from you and possible and undergo an extensive mental overhaul. It’s going to take years, so. . . ya know. . . don’t call me.

Don’t you love dating somebody who’s well-read? And when they’re up-to-date on breaking news?

land on the moon

Uh oh, clearly this guy hasn’t been keeping up with his Ancient Aliens! Even the experts on that show agree that we landed on the moon…they just disagreed about why (Dum dum dummmmmm!). But seriously, you should probably believe everything you read on the internet.

Ever have that ex who seemed to wish he was in Anonymous? Or at least seemed to suffer under the delusion that he was kind of a big deal?

Barnes and Noble

Yeah. That’s sticking it to ’em.

It’s the beginning of March Madness! And in honor of that, today’s quote celebrates the crazies. If someone ever says this to you in complete seriousness, get out. They’re totally f*cking creepy.Lose time wm

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