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It’s good for people to understand their priorities in relationships.

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This has got to be one of the hands down worst ways of explaining to someone that she isn’t pretty enough to be your girlfriend. Also, this whole list thing is just pretty cringe-y in general. Might as well call this “10 Things I Wish I Loved About You.”

Got a stupid ex? Want to see his or her quote up here in anonymous infamy? Submit your quote to ThingsMyExSaid!

We’re doing something a little bit different, today! After amusing myself looking at our site stats,  I am pleased and proud to announce the following search terms were among those that have brought viewers to this site:

  • when is your birthday?
  • let’s be terrible together
  • what my ex said about my weight
  • drive me
  • dear ex boyfriend quotes
  • morning sex quotes
  • hope in our relationship quotes
  • high school pervy teacher
  • morning coffee and sex
  • how old is your momma
  • my ex says that I’m pretty, and fun
  • too fat to love
  • quotes about giving up
  • drugs madness
  • my ex boyfriend lied 2013
  • funny compliments
  • ex posting bad thing about ex
  • funny quotes about first dates with pictures
  • games hot sleep soulmate
  • losing things quotes
  • my ex said bad things
  • coffee sex quotes
  • trifecta of love
  • funny compliments
  • therapist says wtf

And last but not least, my favorite:

  • the hunger games porn

Guys, these search terms are awesome. Keep looking up weird shit. I’ll be there for you when you find me.

Don’t worry, on Wednesday we’ll be back to our regularly scheduled programming. And now, here’s an original 1950’s comic that needed none of my improving:

my future husband's past!

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Never listen to rumors about your future husband’s past! You’ll ruin everything!!!

Ever have that ex who seemed to wish he was in Anonymous? Or at least seemed to suffer under the delusion that he was kind of a big deal?

Barnes and Noble

Yeah. That’s sticking it to ’em.

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