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I’ve been thinking a lot about whether or not to ever post this comic. It’s not remotely funny. In fact, it still makes me pretty angry. But I keep thinking about all the joke articles saying the Malaysian plane has been found on the moon or in the Bermuda Triangle and such, and trying to imagine what coming across those jokes must feel like for the people who lost someone, rather than gained a mystery.

If you’ve been following TMXS for a while, you may remember that I have this pattern of being dumped when a terrible, horrendous disaster occurs close to my home. Well, here’s the next one.

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Two things I want you to know about this scenario:

1. That man is a schoolteacher. 2. He’s also the person who indirectly inspired the creation of this website.

All I can say is, it does affect you. Because if it’s not a terrible shooting, it’s a plane crash. We are all destined to feel loss in searing, profound ways. Let’s use humor to rise above the pain and help each other. But if there’s one thing I hope this website teaches people, it’s to think about what you say, and what it means. We’re all in this together in a global way we’ve never been before.

Today we round up our March Madness Mondays with one of the most disturbing submissions I’ve received. Not only is this totally f*cked up, but it’s timely, as well. As the Steubenville  rape case just wraps itself up, so many of us are wondering, “How can horrible acts like this still happen? How is it possible that women and girls are still seen time and again as less than a person?” The best answer I can muster, particularly after reading this quote, is look to the schools. You know, those factories of peer imitation and role-modeling.

Who doesn’t want this high school teacher taking his/her daughter under his wing?

pervy teacher wm

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At least this guy seems to be in some level of distress for being a total slimebag. Do we blame the movies, for casting pretty little–excuse meBright Young Things to prance around as leading ladies? Do we blame the students, for wearing cute little skirts and totally asking for it? Or do we blame (my preferred inclination) this asshole for being a creepy pervert? If you can’t get through a work day without mentally undressing your students, it’s time to find a new job.

Ordinarily, I try to let the quotes speak for themselves. But as the submissions keep coming in, and some of them are so incendiary, timely, and just upsetting, I may find it harder and harder (pun not intended) not to throw in my two cents about them. Your discussion is heartily encouraged.

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