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Long distance sucks, folks. We all know it. And college can be a particularly trying time, because every summer you have that pesky vacation when you might have to go home. And then you might not be around to play flipcup with your boyfriend and his fraternity brothers every week.

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Obviously. Who doesn’t want to welcome “the freshman experience” back into into their dorm room? He might as well have just said, “I’d like permission to gain 15 pounds, throw up on myself, and give you an STI in the fall.”

It’s back-to-school time! And that means all over the world, reluctant kids are stuffing their feet into shiny new light-up sneakers. But sometimes, a fully fledged grown up wants to go back to the classroom and improve her skill-set. And when that happens, it’s so great to have support and encouragement from the one she loves.


…Or that.

That awkward moment when you run into the guy you thought would ask you to his fraternity semi-formal…at the fraternity semi formal.

And then when he still hits on you.

And by hits on you, he says this:

Plasma TV wm

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Yes! Yes! Take me to see your big flat screen plasma TV!!

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