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If you look at sitcom fodder, nabbing a doctor is supposed to be like winning the lottery. A doctor? Break me off a piece! I want one! Let’s make him a pediatrician, so I’ll live in a fab house and my kids will be the healthiest kids in the world… Well, ladies and gentlemen, doctors can have some ambitions of their own.



Oh wait. Not worth it. Back to dating unemployed aspiring….whatevers… in three, two, one.

When date night goes south…

Click to Enlarge!

Click to Enlarge!

And you were a lot more handsome with your mouth shut.

June is busting out all over! And so, perhaps, is she:



Remember folks, fat girls are funny. And thin ladies, try not to steal their thunder! ….And no, that’s not a “fat pun” I just made.

Right…… Let’s just focus on the important issue here: that guy was clueless.

And the ever classic, ever clueless:

That shirt makes you look fat copy

It sort of has a timeless ring to it, doesn’t it? Almost poetic in its simplicity.

Big news today from ThingsMyExSaid: We’re switching from posting twice a week to three times a week! Keep an eye out for new posts every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday!

And to celebrate, here’s a classy gent:



So keep your stories coming on our submission page! We’ll be back on Wednesday with a new horrific comic.

There are certain things you just don’t want to hear when you’re cuddling. At the beach.

dancer thin wm

In other news, ThingsMyExSaid is 2 months old! Cheers to the over 4,000 visitors who’ve checked us out since Valentine’s Day! Keep on sending in your submissions, and we’ll keep on posting!

Okay, so this isn’t a quote from somebody’s ex. But as I was matching some more 4-star quotes to comic strips this morning, I came across this:

Too Fat for Love

From the 1950s comic strip Dream of Love, we see that yes, fat girls too can dream of love. Even in Hollywood! And don’t even let me get started on Dr. Anthony King, Hollywood Psychiatrist! Although, not gonna lie… “Hollywood Psychiatrist” would look almost as cool on a business card as “Doctor Cop”. I thought this comic was more than offensive enough on its own, so rather than pair it with a quote, I thought I’d let it stand alone on this special Saturday TMXS post!

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