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Congratulations for Teesha44 for winning the title of Best Worst Break Up!!! You’ve turned that lemon of an ex into some sweet, sugary lemonade! What did Teesha44 win? Well, besides getting to treasure the terrible memory forever with this comic strip below, Teesha44 wins a signed copy of the new book Axing My Exes, by Jerrica Zeron.

It was just a joke

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Want to read the whole break up story? Read the full winning entry here. A huge thanks to everyone who submitted their stories. And a special thank you to Jerrica Zeron for including ThingsMyExSaid in her contest!

Still got a terrible quote? Don’t worry! It may not come with a signed (hilarious) book, but you can still submit your quotes for free all day, every day, right here. 🙂

In the middle of an emotional break up, this is absolutely the most important thing that can be discussed. Go get ’em, tiger!

Can I Keep The Book

Seriously? Now the scenario can go one of two ways:

1. No. Especially if the book is that good! Now she wants nothing more than to rip that book out of your clammy, callused fingers.

2. Yes. Because SHE CAN LORD OVER YOU the fact that at a time such as this, she won the emotional high ground, while you put your chips behind the fleeting, tawdry thrill of a book. Dude, I don’t know the specifics here, but unless she cheated on you it kind of sounds like she won the break up. But you enjoy that book of hers! Just try.

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