Yep . . .That IS what he said.

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You know what? Sometimes guys aren’t mean. Sometimes they think you’re smokin’ hot.



No, guy. I think the question is, what else are you looking for? Because that nice body probably has a nice person inside. Or at least a nice face.

The narration here is actually still from the original comic. But the idiocy was all his.

How do I look?

The only time this answer is appropriate is when she chooses to dress as Lolita for Halloween. But…if she chooses to dress as Lolita for Halloween? Run.

Also, I love that the chick in the original comic was planning to use her gaping keyhole dress to manipulate Joe into doing…something. And everything has exclamation marks!

Wow. Guys, what not to say on a first date? It’s this.

I was talking about the chicken

And that chicken now has a better chance of getting lucky than you do. Surprise! The mirror can be cruel.

When date night goes south…

Click to Enlarge!

Click to Enlarge!

And you were a lot more handsome with your mouth shut.

And the ever classic, ever clueless:

That shirt makes you look fat copy

It sort of has a timeless ring to it, doesn’t it? Almost poetic in its simplicity.

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