Yep . . .That IS what he said.

Monthly Archives: October 2013

The narration here is actually still from the original comic. But the idiocy was all his.

How do I look?

The only time this answer is appropriate is when she chooses to dress as Lolita for Halloween. But…if she chooses to dress as Lolita for Halloween? Run.

Also, I love that the chick in the original comic was planning to use her gaping keyhole dress to manipulate Joe into doing…something. And everything has exclamation marks!

This might be the ultimate version of “it’s not you, it’s me.”

don't want to be in a relationship with anyone

You’ve actually made me allergic to people. Congratulations for making me want to give up on life. But really, it’s me.

May you never be in a relationship that gets to this point:

intimacy and affection

Have an intimate and affectionate weekend, everybody! Whatever that means to you. Unfortunately for her, it meant some naked time.

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