Since our launch last Valentine’s Day, we’ve had some fabulous shout-outs and exciting feedback from our readers. But this is the very first time (to my knowledge), I am thrilled to announce, that someone has written a formal review of Things My Ex Said! We’d be tickled pink, if we weren’t pink already.

And when I say “we”, I mean myself, of course, but hopefully all of us. This site is bigger than just myself, and it wouldn’t be here without your stories and sharing. So thanks, Inkwellknight, for finding us worth noting. It’s exciting to be recognized and critiqued in the peer-reviewed process of the blog world. Looking forward to continuing the stories!

Colourful imagination with grey thoughts

In our lives we will find the love our lives. We will care for them, share our hopes and dreams, experience some powerful physical motions and generally believe we have found the perfect partner. Then we get dumped. It fucking sucks. While the rest of society copes with alcohol, eating their body weights in junk food, crying floods of tears or just being psychotically bitter, one person had a different idea.

This is the blog of Things my Ex said, a blog devoted to the sharing the most humours (and often painfully terrible) things that scorned lovers have been told. A quick one or two panel comic with the 1950’s style that takes on average less than 15 seconds to read, these post leaves with you with hours of discussion. Things my Ex said brings an interesting light onto break ups by empowering the heart broken rather than pitying…

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