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I can think of more than just the obvious reason not to have sex with this guy.

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Clearly, he thinks the elephant in the room isn’t his absent girlfriend.

It’s really inconvenient when you make me have to destroy the evidence.

why i have to delete things

I mean, I’d love to share all these conversations with you, but you think I’m being a shifty bastard.

Deciding to break up with someone is rarely easy. After all, a lot of time and emotion has been invested into the relationship. But for one guy with an apparent flair for accounting, the choice was simple.

balance sheet

Insert dick joke here.

Nothing like security, right? Job security, financial security, relationship security….

NO ONE ELSEI’d start worrying now, if I were you.

Gentlemen, when flirting with a gal it’s important to lead with your best foot forward.

Some girls are HOT

It’s important to me to know where I stand in the hierarchy of hotness at any given time. Thanks for the update.

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