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Okay, so it’s not my soulmate. But I did find a new hummus this weekend that is to die for. Enough about me.

Found a new booty call? Slept together 4 days ago? This is one of those things you don’t want to hear him to say.

I met my soulmate

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Translation: “Our connection” = “I’d still really like to keep having sex with you.”

Okay, so this isn’t a quote from somebody’s ex. But as I was matching some more 4-star quotes to comic strips this morning, I came across this:

Too Fat for Love

From the 1950s comic strip Dream of Love, we see that yes, fat girls too can dream of love. Even in Hollywood! And don’t even let me get started on Dr. Anthony King, Hollywood Psychiatrist! Although, not gonna lie… “Hollywood Psychiatrist” would look almost as cool on a business card as “Doctor Cop”. I thought this comic was more than offensive enough on its own, so rather than pair it with a quote, I thought I’d let it stand alone on this special Saturday TMXS post!

Lesson of the day: if you have to seek someone out to announce that you’re over them, you’re not.defriend on facebook wm

It’s April Fool’s Day! So we thought you’d enjoy seeing one of the more foolish first-date quotes we’ve had submitted. When an attempt at a compliment goes very, very wrong…

funny 'cause you're fat wm

We give extra points for her sassy comeback line!

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